Moving home is an exciting but also an extremely stressful time. As it can be so stressful it is easy to forget about some of the essentials that you need when you move out of your home. 


Sometimes when you move house you need to be brutal. Try not to be too sentimental. The more that you get rid of now, the less you have to sort out when you reach your new home. You can take old clothes and toys to a local charity shop or if you have any belongings that you would like to keep but don’t need right now, have you considered renting a storage unit? At Storage Trafford, if you choose to store with us we can offer you 50% off your first 12 weeks of storage with us. 

Confirm Your Moving Date

The earlier that you confirm your moving date then the better. This is so that you can begin to get organised. Even if you have an approximate date, you can begin to plan around this. 

Keep Your Valuables Close

This is incredibly important. When you are moving house you want to keep your valuables and important documents with you at all times or in a safe place away from all of the chaos. Include any documents that you need for moving so you can take these with you in the car on moving day. Important documents may include things such as marriage certificates, tax documents, ID’s, etc.

Remember To Get Your Post Redirected

It is important to remember that when you are moving to get all of your post redirected as you want to protect your personal information from identity theft. Of course you also want to make sure that you do not miss any important mail. It is easy enough to set up a redirect ahead of moving day.

Check That Your New Home Is Insured

If you are buying a new house then the chances are you will need buildings insurance as a condition of your mortgage contract. It is a good idea to protect your possessions against loss or damage whether you are buying or renting. Once you have the details of your new home, you can get insurance up to 30 days beforehand. You just need to schedule it the day that you collect your keys. 

Take Final Metre Readings

Before you leave your old home, it is important to take your final gas, water, and electricity metre readings. You can take a photo of this so you have a picture for your own records. If you do not contact your suppliers before you move you could end up being billed for someone else’s usage. Changing your address for utility bills is easy enough as they usually have a form on their website.

These are just some of our essentials when it comes to moving home. Have you considered any of these things?  If you are moving and you need a storage unit get in contact with us here at Storage Trafford and we will find you a storage unit perfect for you and your needs.