With more people now working from home, tips for an organised work-from-home space are more important than ever. Read on for our top tips on how to create an organised work from home office space.

What Is The Most Productive Area In Your Home?

As tempting as it is to work from your bed, or from your sofa sat in front of the TV. This is not the most productive working environment. To get into the right working mindset you will need to figure out what is the most productive area in your home, where will you get the most work done? If you are someone who works well with a little bit of noise whilst working, why don’t you set up your desk beside a window, so you have a bit of background noise.

Declutter Your Office Space

To be more productive, keep your workspace clutter-free and tidy. When you finish work for the day, make the effort and tidy your desk, this will give you a clear mind when you begin work again in the morning. When decluttering, have you considered renting a storage unit? Storage units are perfect for when you want to declutter but do not want to get rid of things permanently. If you choose to store with us at Storage Trafford, we can offer you 50% off storage for your first 10 weeks of storage which is a huge bonus. Contact Storage Trafford to arrange to book a storage unit.

Invest in Good Seating Support

When working from home, or anywhere where you are sitting at a desk for at least 8 hours a day, you need a good, supportive seat. You may not realise this but having the right comfort and support can do wonders for your productivity. Getting the right support is also vital to your health and your mood. You will not regret investing in a good office/ work chair.

Liven Up The Space That You Are Working In

Decorating and incorporating your style into your home office can make you feel more comfortable and productive! Pinterest is great for getting inspiration for home office décor. Have a look on here, then take a trip to your local home store and start kitting out your home office.

Keep Office Hours

This is extremely important when you are working from home. Set yourself your home office hours and stick to them. It can be tempting to start work a little earlier or finish a little later, but this can result in burnout, if this happens then you will end up getting ZERO work done which is the opposite of what you want. This also goes with communication too, make sure that your co-workers and clients know what your office hours are and when they can contact you.

These are just some of our tips on how you can create an organised work from home office space. As we mentioned above if you are decluttering, and you need storage space. Contact Storage Trafford today and we can find a storage space that works perfectly for you.