Decluttering can be a long and boring task, what if we told you that there are creative, clever, and fun ways that can make decluttering fun. Continue reading to see what clever and fun decluttering hacks we have for you.

Set A Timer

Set a timer and see how many items you can get rid of in that amount of time. This will feel like a bit of a fun challenge, who doesn’t love that? The timer does not have to be set for long, set the timer for ten minutes, stay focused and see out much you can clear out before the timer goes off. It is key to note that decluttering does not have to be done for hours at a time, you can just do it in short bursts like this.

Challenge Yourself and Whoever You Live With To A No Spend Month

Have an agreement with whoever you live with to a no spend month, only buy the essentials. We know that this is not a decluttering activity, however, this will stop you from gathering unnecessary items hence defeating the purpose of trying to declutter. These types of challenges are always fun as it gives you that competitive, fun, nature. You can even come up with a prize/ reward for whoever “wins.”

Set Decluttering Goals

Set a goal of how much you would ideally like to declutter by a certain date. An example of this is that by the end of the month you might want to fill 5-10 boxes of items to get rid of, donate or put into storage. Storage is a great idea if you are decluttering but do not want to part with things permanently just yet. If you are in the Trafford area, contact us and we can find a storage unit suited to you and your needs. Setting a goal and trying to reach it within a time limit can help to motivate you to start and keep going with your decluttering journey.

Join An Online Group

Joining an online decluttering group can help to provide you with the motivation and inspiration you need. Finding people who are also on a decluttering journey can help you to get out of a rut and carry-on decluttering. Finding people who are also trying to declutter can be fun and a fantastic way to meet new people and make new friends.

Sell Items As You Declutter

You will be surprised by the number of people who are interested in buying the things you no longer need or want. The money you make from selling your unwanted items will help you to reach your financial goals or to even treat yourself. However, selling your old items does take a lot of time and effort and you may not sell everything. Making money to sell your items can motivate you to declutter more.

There you have it, our clever and fun decluttering hacks. We hope you found this blog post useful. If you are interested in renting a storage unit with us at Storage Stockport, contact us here today for any enquiries.