Are you planning on renting a storage unit long-term? Here are our top tips if you are considering long-term storage with us.


Consider Storage Unit Insurance


If you are planning on storing long-term, then our advice would be to consider storage insurance! Most insurance policies can cover your items up to hundreds of pounds and can tend to cover the costs of your items. Here at Storage Trafford, we offer free insurance. This is to help our customers store for less. We are extremely confident in the safety and security of our storage units which is why we offer anyone who stores with us free insurance.


Ensure Your Long-Term Storage Items Are Properly Packed


Your items must be packed and prepped for long-term storage. Make sure anything delicate or easily breakable is properly packed and wrapped well to avoid any unnecessary breakages. If you do not store your items properly whether it is for the short or long term, this can cause unnecessary damages or stress. Here at Storage Trafford, we offer unlimited free packing boxes for all our customers. Packing boxes will help to keep your items safe from any damage. Our boxes are completely free no matter how long you are planning on storing with us.


Seal Clothes And Fabrics


Invest in some vacuum-sealed bags these are perfect for storing clothes. You can fit so many clothing items into these bags. Vacuum sealed bags can help to keep mould from growing on your clothes, unlike airtight packages. It is easy for moisture to get inside plastic boxes or containers as they sometimes don’t have proper ventilation. Trust us, if you are planning on storing clothes or fabrics, invest in some vacuum-sealed bags you will not regret it.


Consider The Cost And Payment Options


Storing long-term can be pricey. Make sure to do your research. We have some of the cheapest storage units in Trafford. We offer 50% off up to your first 12 weeks. We provide the cheapest storage units with a free collection and removals service and an unlimited supply of packing boxes as we have previously mentioned. Many storage companies will only offer 50% off for the first 8 weeks however with us we offer a huge 50% off your first 12 weeks. Contact us today to find a storage unit perfect for you and your needs.

Choose The Correct Storage Unit Size For Your Needs


This is important. The last thing you want is to book a storage unit that you need to use long-term and for it to be too small for you. Look on our Storage Trafford website at our storage size estimator to see what size unit suits your needs. We offer a range of different sizes. If you still cannot work out what size storage unit you need, feel free to pop down to our site and have a look for yourself.

There you have it; these are our top 5 tips on what to do if you are planning on long-term storage. If you require a storage unit in or around the Trafford area. Get in contact with us today.